Creating a vegetable garden - 7 tips


If you want to harvest abundantly in your vegetable garden, you have to do a lot beforehand. My tips make work easier and promise a good yield.

© Alexander Raths - In times when the vegetables are becoming more and more expensive and you cannot be sure whether they are contaminated with pollutants and pesticides, your own vegetable garden is really worth its weight in gold. On the one hand, vegetables from your own garden are much healthier, on the other hand it is fun to see how carrots, cabbage and tomatoes grow and thrive. But before you can enjoy it, you have to do the work, that is, check the soil, plant a bed and select the right vegetables. Our 7 tips reveal what else needs to be considered.

Tip 1 - create walk-in beds

It goes without saying that beds need to be laid out in the vegetable garden. What a lot of amateur gardeners forget is a certain distance between the beds. Vegetables like onions or types of cabbage take up a lot of space. Anyone who sows or plants at the edge of the bed must also plan sufficiently wide paths.

Tip 2 - ensure sufficient irrigation water

In order for everything to grow well, you need to water your vegetable garden regularly. Set up a rain barrel so that the whole thing doesn't go into the money. If it is feasible, place the bin near the bed. This saves long walking distances and the water is preheated by the sun, which is "healthier" for your plants.

Tip 3 - Check the condition of the floor

Before you start planting and sowing, check the soil conditions. Each type of vegetable has its own requirements, which you should pay attention to so that you can reap plenty later.

Tip 4 - fast growing vegetables

Have you prepared the beds, i.e. staking out the size and piling up the soil, it's about the actual planting. Those who are impatient and want to harvest quickly can fall back on fast growing vegetables.

"Vegetables and herbs for sowing:

  • radish
  • radish
  • fennel
  • rukola
  • dill
"Vegetables for planting out

  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • kohlrabi
  • pumpkin
  • salad

Tip 5 - prefer vegetables

Sowing and young plants are abundant in the seasonal garden centers on site. But if you would like it to be even more personal and want to save money, then simply prefer your vegetables yourself. You don't even need a greenhouse for this; the window sill is enough.

Tip 6 - extra tip for carrots

Carrot gardeners love to plant carrots. But be careful: Only put carrots in the same bed every three years, otherwise they will attract pests. As an alternative location, I recommend a raised bed.

Tip 7 - don't forget to fertilize

In addition to the sun and plenty of water, many vegetables also need a portion of fertilizer every now and then. Instead of a chemical mixture, I still prefer the good old compost. This increases the profitability of your vegetable garden!