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Driving cats out of the garden - 5 effective tips


Broken plants, feces in the bed - cats are cute, but often a horror for gardeners. Here are 5 tips on how to drive cats out of the garden.

Cat in the garden! Acquired by the neighbors and now a nuisance on foreign land - © Massimo Cattaneo -

Many cats are clearly among the uninvited guests in some well-tended gardens. Especially since they often leave an unpleasant scent in the flower and vegetable beds, which cause immense damage to some plants, and sometimes even let them die completely. One reason why even professional gardeners use a variety of methods that are safe for cats and the landscape to prevent unwanted visits to cats in their own garden. These methods and tips are presented here in more detail.

5 effective tips to drive cats away

Tip 1 - sprinkle pepper / coffee grounds:

Spreading pepper is still recommended as a tried and tested home remedy for other cats in the garden. If the weather is good (little wind, no rain), sprinkle the hotest possible pepper, alternatively other hot spices, in the beds. Most cats sniff the soil extensively before setting a fragrance brand. Pepper scares them off and they quickly search for distance.

Alternatively, you can also distribute coffee grounds in the beds. Cats don't particularly like this smell either. Another advantage: you fertilize your beds in this way.

Tip 2 - water jet:

You can also lick the cats out of the garden hose with a strong jet of water. Stray a strange cat through your garden, just open the garden hose and direct the water jet to the cat, but not aimed directly at a cat! After repeated use, the cat will certainly avoid this area in the future, after all we all know that cats are very afraid of water (reading tip: Why are cats afraid of water?).

Tip 3 - piss off plant:

For a few years now, the gardening trade has been offering the Verpiss-Dich plant (harp bush), which can be used in the middle of beds to prevent unwanted visits to cats. The reason for this: the nettles of the plant contain essential oils like menthol and cats do not like this smell at all.

With this tip, you kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand you have new plants in the garden and on the other hand you get rid of the unloved cats.

Tip 4 - cat fright:

In the meantime, electronically operated devices are also being offered, which emit an alarm sound that is especially unpleasant for cats (partly based on ultrasound) as soon as a cat approaches the integrated motion detector. You will e.g. Called cat fright. On the one hand, such devices are somewhat expensive to purchase, but on the other hand they are quite effective in driving cats away. High-quality products can even remain outdoors in all weather conditions.

Such a cat fright costs between 20 and 60 euros, depending on the manufacturer, but is quite effective in most cases.

My experience
This device is very popular for the ultrasonic version. I swear, on the other hand, that I defend myself against cats with a water jet (see picture on the left). I bought this device for that.

It is plugged into the ground and connected to a garden hose. A motion detector registers the cat and directs the beam towards the animal. Works great!

It's best to just keep your eyes open while shopping. Sometimes these devices are currently on offer. Often, however, it can also be worthwhile to look for bargain sales or vouchers for the home and garden on Otherwise, simply have this device given as a gift.

Tip 5 - cat granules:

Also available in specialist shops is a cat granulate, which usually gives off a very intense smell of garlic. Spread it in the beds, cats avoid your garden at least in the long term.

Alternatively, you can also lay out freshly chopped onions or cloves of garlic in the garden.