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Olymp Felsenblümchen - plant, maintain & multiply


The Olymp rock flower is one of the first splashes of color after a dreary and gray winter. Above all, it can skillfully stage dreary walls. And best of all: the plant is easy to care for and undemanding.

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With its moss-like upholstery, the Olymp rock flower (Draba bruniifolia) is an ornament for every rock garden. The wintergreen foliage is just as eye-catching as the golden yellow flowers in spring. The small perennial is versatile and easy to care for. You will now find out what there is to consider when planting the Olympian rock flower.

Plant Description

The petals are among the cruciferous plants. The genus Draba includes about 400 species of plants common in Eurasia, North America and North Africa. There are mainly rock flowers in the northern hemisphere. The perennial herbaceous plants have umbrella-like inflorescences. Egg-shaped pods develop from the flowers. The seeds are arranged in two rows in the fruit. After ripening, the fruits open and release the seeds.

Rock flowers - the species-rich genus

Carl Linnaeus named and described the first rock flowers in 1767. Draba is considered the most species-rich genus in the Brassicaceae plant family. Some types of rock petals are also called hunger flowers. Rock flowers mainly thrive in alpine, arctic or subalpine zones. The rock flowers are most numerous in northern America with around 120 species. About 70 species are represented in South America. China has almost fifty species.

When does the Olympus rock flower bloom?

The umbel-shaped yellow flowers appear between March and April. This makes the Olymp Felsenblümchen one of the spring bloomers and the first bright glimpses of light in the garden after winter.

Some rock flower species are presented

Rock flowers occur in numerous species, some of which are difficult to distinguish from one another.

Carpathian rock flowers

The Carpathian rock flower can grow up to 20 centimeters high and is therefore much higher than the Olymp rock flower. The leathery leaves are in rosettes. The stems remain leafless. The flower starts later and extends from May to June. The plant mainly grows in the Balkans or in Slovakia. A few occurrences can be found in the Austrian Alps.

Gray rock flower

The gray rock flower can grow up to 30 centimeters high and forms a nice contrast to the Olymp rock flower in the rock garden due to the hairy leaves and gray inflorescences. The flowering period extends over the summer. The gray rock flower prefers dry slopes and often grows close to the coast.

Norwegian rock flower

The Norwegian rock flower also grows very low at seven to twenty centimeters. The stems are covered with some leaves and hairs. The white ray flowers appear in early summer. The Norwegian rock flower grows on river banks, in gorges or on gravel surfaces.

How to plant Olympus rock flowers

❍ Location:

If we look at the growth form of the Olymp rock petals, the space problem should already appear to be solved, because the plants are only five to seven centimeters high and about twelve centimeters wide.

The right location is found in a sunny rock garden, on dry stone walls or in the Alpinum. The Olymp rock flower wants to grow between stones and keep dry feet. A unique position is an advantage for the plant, as larger plant neighbors quickly put it in its place and displace it.


  • sunny
  • dry
  • warm

❍ substrate:

The soil should primarily be permeable. The water must always be able to drain well, as there must be no waterlogging. A lean soil is no problem for the undemanding plants and lime is also well tolerated.

In its natural environment, the Olymp rock flower grows on dry, stony soils, in crevices or on dry grass.

" Tip: Heavy soils can be made more permeable by adding coarse sand or gravel.


  • permeable
  • skinny
  • mineral
  • calcareous

❍ Planting instructions:

❶ Select location
Beachten Note planting distance
❸ Dig out the planting hole
❹ Insert drainage
Einsetzen Insert the plant
❻ Fill in the excavation
❼ Press the floor slightly
❽ Water the plant

If an attractive carpet of flowers is to be formed quickly, group planting is a good choice. A planting distance of 20 centimeters must be observed. Up to 25 plants can be used per square meter.

Extra tip: plant dry stone walls with Olympian rock flowers

The Olymp rock flower is very suitable for planting dry stone walls. The plants are hardy and have no problem with dry and barren soil conditions. A sunny dry stone wall should be selected to ensure a rich carpet of flowers. The different areas of the drywall are characterized by a different microclimate. The rock flower feels most comfortable on the top of the wall. The upholstery tree looks attractive and slightly overhanging on the wall crown. There it can be combined with stone herb, stone purse, goose cress or blue pillow.

How to properly care for the Olymp rock petals

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❍ casting:

The Olymp Felsenblümchen prefers a dry location. Longer periods of drought do not bother the upholstery. It should only be watered moderately. The floor must not feel wet. A drainage of coarse sand or split helps against waterlogging.

❍ Fertilize:

The plants do not need fertilization because they prefer to grow on a poor and nutrient-poor soil. Soils that are too heavy are broken up with sand or gravel. On this occasion, some mature compost can be added to the substrate. No further fertilization is necessary.

❍ Cut back:

The plants do not have to be cut. Due to the low growth, cutting measures are unnecessary. However, the hobby gardener is still required to remove faded inflorescences and also to remove withered or sick shoots.

❍ propagation:

Rock flowers can easily be propagated. This is particularly easy to do by division. The small pads quickly increase in size. The plants can easily be divided with a spade. Then the plant is carefully removed from the ground so that the roots are not damaged. Then the divided piece of plant can be transplanted immediately at the desired location.

A little more patience is required for sowing. Several young plants can be used for this. The seeds are placed in growing trays or plant pots, lightly covered with soil and kept evenly moist. A foil cover promotes germination. If you see the first leaves, the foil cover can be removed. If the plants have developed sufficiently after a few months, they can be transplanted into larger planters or placed directly outdoors.

❍ Wintering:

The robust plants are used to harsh weather and also grow in layers of more than 3,000 meters. Therefore, our winters are not a challenge for the Olymp rock petals and the hobby gardener does not have to take any additional precautions to bring the plant well over the cold season.

Detect and fight pests and diseases

Diseases and pests rarely occur at Olymp Felsenblümchen. The plants are robust and well adapted to our climate. Due to the low demands on soil and nutrients, there are hardly any deficiency symptoms that weaken the plant and thus make it susceptible to diseases.

An enemy could become waterlogging. The floor should never be too wet. This attacks the roots and could lead to root rot.