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Geraniums multiply in 6 steps

Growing geraniums and saving money Geraniums can be found in almost every apartment and on almost every balcony or terrace. There are different types and different colors. And even scented geraniums are commercially available. Geraniums are flowers that are stored cool and dark in winter and cut back in spring.
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Climbing plants

Cultivate wormwood - This is how it's done

If you want to strengthen your digestion with natural means, then you should grow wormwood. How to do this and how to use wormwood, read here. © Bits and Splits / Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is a bitter herb that can be used in doses to strengthen human digestion.
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Pond plants

Multiply rosemary

Once you get a taste of rosemary, a rosemary plant in the garden will no longer be enough. So here's how you can grow rosemary. Rosemary exudes a wonderful fragrance Those who love spices will also know the distinctive fragrance and taste of rosemary.
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